Smith - Troutin Wavy 50S (Made in Japan)

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Smith Troutin Wavy 50S  

Originally a minnow for salt water, "Wavy" has gained the trust of many trout and freshwater anglers as the origin of twitching sinking minnows. The reason is the strong fluttering appeal by Twitch with high accuracy performance and with great casting distance even at only 3g.

Nowadays, when heavy sinking minnows are flooded, it belongs to a relatively light category, but it can be said that it is a sinking minnow that does not choose the field. For example, in the dry season of summer, it shows a swim that is sufficiently appealing even in shallow streams with no water depth. In addition, even in narrow mountain streams and swamps where it is difficult to take a retrieve distance, fish can be pulled out from the pin spot by the quick rise due to the fixed center of gravity.

A lineup of trout-specific colors that meet the needs of anglers aiming for trout. It is finally released as a dedicated model, wearing a gun black split ring that deceives the eyes of a good-looking gorgeous fish, and a well-established Cartiva ST-36BC hook.

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    50mm 3g Sinking