Smith-Saruna 147F-SR (Made in Japan)

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Saruna 147F-SR - Shallow runner

Shallow runner "Saruna 147F-SR" that inherits the body strength of Saruna 147MAX, by downsizing the lip, the depth of dive is greatly reduced, the movement and usability in shallow areas are greatly improved.
The dive depth is 40 to 50 cm just below the water surface, and the  depth range can be controlled by lowering the rod tip position at the time of retrieval. In contrast to the wide wobbling of 147MAX, the 147F-SR mixes rolling action with sharp tight wobbling. Although it has an appealing power even when pulled slowly, it boasts a high sense of stability with a light pulling resistance that does not make you feel the body size. Therefore, there is a wide range of retrieve speeds, and it is possible to handle places with drastic changes in currents and tides. Wire-through design and thick gauge.  2-hook specifications make it suitable for heavy fresh and saltwater use. Great lure for targeting big record fish.

LENGTH 147mm
WEIGHT 28.5g
TYPE Floating 
HOOK # 1