Smith Life Jacket Auto Inflatable - Waist Type

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Smith Life Jacket Auto inflatable - Waist Type

A collaboration between Smith Japan and Bluestrom for this life jackets using abrasion resistant CORDURA fabric and waterproof tarpaulin fabric, it will provide all anglers, paddlers, sailors and boaters an essential piece of gear. As you consider what life jacket is right for you, keep in mind that the most important advice about life jackets is simply this: WEAR ONE! Bluestorm inflatable life jackets are the most comfortable innovation in personal flotation devices. Their slim profile when not inflated makes them one of the best life jackets to wear all day. Bluestorm inflatable life jackets use an advanced inflator mechanism that will inflate in seconds when in water, when properly armed and maintained. The automatic design inflates when fully submerged and will not inflate from rain or spray if the shell and air chamber are properly repacked. Bluestorm automatic inflatable life jackets can also be manually inflated. Either pull the “Jerk to Inflate” cord by pulling sharply downward to inflate the vest using the CO2 cylinder, or use the oral inflation tube located inside the vest on the air chamber. Recommended that the Auto activator cartridge and Gas cylinder to be change every 3 years depending on your usage. The life jacket are not able to ship overseas with the gas bobbin in.