Smith NEOMAG Hook Keeper (Made in Japan)

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Smith NEOMAG Hook Keeper

Produced by Hitoshi Hiramoto. Brand new concept hook keeper, when securing a hook on a rod guide or hook keeper and the line got entangled or couldn't be attached or detached properly?
Attached the Neomag hook keeper onto your rod blank with the old ring provided than j
ust bringing the hook closer to the NeoMag hook keeper and the hook will attracted to magnets and hold the hook of your lures in place and to detach just a quick twist to remover your lure hook simple and easy.

 - Hook may come off due to the vibration from the rod.
 ・ Do not use for any purpose other than fishing.
 ・ Keep out of reach of children.
 ・ Keep away from precision electronic devices.

Click the picture for YouTube link on how the NEOMAG hook Keeper work.