Smith - Hyper Blade TR 48mm

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Hyper Blade TR 48mm

The Hyper Blade TR, which produces a tight pitch action in a stable posture with a "center balance" design, supports a wide range of speeds from low or high speed retrieve. It is effective search a wide area by retrieving and also for pin point search by making use of vertical drop movement. It is a metal vibration lure with an appeal point that can not be reached by a spoon lure. Hyper Blade have a Minnow-like silhouette and action. 

Use of 2 toll point
Hyper Blade TR has 2 toll point. By changing the position of the toll eye, the size and balance of movement will also change. Use the toll point according to your preference and situation.

[Front Toll Point]
When a snap is attached to the front eye, a fine vibration that suppresses lifting is generated with center balance. It is suitable for long-distance casting and vertical use, has light pulling resistance, and can be used for high-speed retrieval.

[Second Toll Point]
If you attach a snap to the rear eye, it will be a little easier to lift, and it will appeal more strongly with a short movement distance. Since it is slightly head down, it is suitable for short distance and short pitch, and it is easy to support slow retrieve because the load of pull resistance is applied and the vibration width is amplified.

Front Toll Point
Supports fast retrieve, swing width is tight. Depending on the water depth and flow, it is possible to give a more minnow-like appeal by giving a twitch.

Second Toll Point : Can handle slow retrieve and has a large width swing.

Lift and Fall With front toll point: When lifting, it is possible to keep the action to the minimum necessary with a tight pitch.

Left and Fall with second toll point : A violent vibration causes reflection and wave motion, and when the fall is free, it sinks in an irregular pattern such as hitting a flutter.

Length  Weight
48mm 6g