HOT'S Digi Camo Dry T-Shirt

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HOT'S Digi Camo Dry T-Shirt

Hot's military line of digital Camo dry T uses quick-drying material CoolNice, Made using unique polyester yarns with an X-shaped cross-section that increase moisture-absorption & quick-drying properties. This reduces stickiness and clamminess doing outdoor sport or fishing activities. Sweat on the surface of our skin is quickly absorbed and diffused to the outer surface and then evaporates to keep you in comfort and cool. It mesh polyester yarns made it outstanding in breathability and durability even after repeat washing it remind the same shape and it 5 times faster than our normal cotton T shirt. 

100% polyester


Quick Dry

Digi Camo Green / Digi Camo Grey

Design : GT, Amberjack and YellowTail Kingfish