Hot’s Keiko Ocean Chugayu 225 Pencil Popper

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Hot’s Keiko Ocean Chugayu Pencil Popper 225

Hot's x Mr.Hideyuki Furuya shop master of HEAD & TAIL in Osaka. He hunt for Yellowfin tuna and Bluefin tuna throughout the year in Tsugaru Channel, Wakayama, Mie, Okinawa, Yaeyama islands, and all over Japan. it time to release the 2021 wooden pencil popper "CHUGAYU" which has been tested many times by Mr.Furuya. Jerk action with the  rod tip near surface  this lure attract carnivorous fishes with bubbling  and a comfortable small pop and not a big splash sound.
Recommended action for CHUGAYU is to make a small dart action from side to side by giving a little line slug after medium power jerking.
In case of targeting Tuna, keep still for a few second is very effective after the medium power jerk as for Yellowtail or  Amberjack, a reeling method with short jerking is more effective, not a "Stop and Go” action. 

This lure is designed to target Yellowfin tuna and Bluefin tuna, but this is also suitable for GT fishing and a casting game for big Yellowtail and Amberjack.
Chugayu natural high-floating wood body and through wire design help withstand all big game fish and all are handmade by Hideyuki Tanaka, a master craftsman of handmade lure in Japan.

● Using a 2mm diameter wire + swivel
● Decoy YS-23 or 23BL 6/0
● There are slight differences in buoyancy and weight due to original characteristc of natural wood
● Length: 225mm
● Weight : +-130
● Made in Japan