Fin-Ch Canaria 48C UL 4pcs travel rod (Casting Japan)

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A new bait model UL game fun rod "CANARIA 48C". Focused on the ease of rod and repeated tests over and over to create a rod that is easy to use.
The finish makes you feel as if you are cast it by hand.

The blue semi-hard case has a flashy dream fish print.

  • Overall length 4.8ft Ultralight (Sensitivity is Bing despite Ultralight. We recommend using it with ultra-fine PE line and Fluorocarbon line .)
  • Regular taper
  • 90g
  • cast ~ 5g You can throw it comfortably up to about)
  • ~ No. 1 (PE) ~ 4lb (nylon, fluorocarbon)
  • Length is 39cm and with semi-hard case is 46cm