Fin-Ch Canaria 68ML 4pcs Travel rod (Casting Japan)

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Canary 68 is a rod made by fishing in 5 countries including Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Hong Kong and China, and repeating tests in various environments.
The fish caught during the test were sea bass, black sea bream, rockfish, Hong Kong grouper, and horse mackerel in seawater.
In freshwater, it starts with peacock bass and piranha, and then Ito, cherry salmon, trout, black bass, snakehead, catfish, archerfish, etc.
It will be a rod aiming at familiar targets other than super heavyweight.

The lure that can be cast is about 3 to 30g.
Both bait finesse reels and bait reels can be attached to this rod, expanding the range of targets. ..
For bait finesse reels, we use 3g to 7g, and for general reels, we use 7g to 30g.

The rod action becomes a fast action, and the tip is supple, soft and light so that you can fly a rig.

  • Length 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm)
  • 4 pieces 1 piece length 56 cm
  • Weight 153 g
  • Action medium light fast taper
  • lure weight 3 g ~ 30 g
  • Grip length (27 cm below the trigger)
  • Line PE line 0.3 ~ 2 No. Fluorocarbon Line 4 to 20 lbs
  • With a special semi-hard case Length 60 cm