Fin-Ch Canaria 610M 4pcs Travel rod (Casting Japan)

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The 610M, which inherits the versatility of the CANARIA 68ML, has been completed. Canary 610M is a rod tested in Japan, Brazil Amazon, Russia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Guyana, etc. and repeating tests in various environments. The fish caught during the test were sea bass, snook, taman, rainbow runner, bluefin trevally, and grouper in seawater.
In freshwater, large peacock bass, barramundi, pirarucu, dorado, yellow teak, taimen, medium to large trout, black bass, snakehead, catfish, etc. The lure that feels good to cast is about 15 to 100g.You can bring only one. I definitely created this based on the concept that if you bring it with you.

  • Length 6 feet 10 inches (211 cm)
  • 4 pieces 1 piece length 55.5 cm
  • Weight 205 g
  • Action medium fast taper
  • lure weight 15 g ~ 100 g
  • Grip length (31 cm below the trigger)
  • Line PE line ~ 6 Fluorocarbon line up to about 100 pounds
  • With a dedicated semi-hard case Length 60 cm x 11 cm (A size that can store 4 to 5 pack rods.) Can be customized by attaching a belt or the like.
  • The finch mark on the connecting part is blue. To prevent mistakes with other rods that are often found on pack rods.
  • Since 2020, the top and bottom 3mm of cork parts have been changed to crash cork, but there is no problem in use. The cork lasts a long time.