DRESS Quick FG Knotter EVO Knot Fastener Braiding Assist

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FG knots can be easily and quickly braided, and bundling on a boat or in a windy fishing spot can be done without stress. The fixing strength of the line can be adjusted arbitrarily depending on the tightness of the stopper dial! Because it is made of soft rubber material, it is difficult for the line to be wound, and thick lines can be tightly tensioned and knitted. PE0.3~6, Reader 3lb~80lb! When carrying, the arm can be folded and stored compactly.

- Easy knitting of FG knots!
- Compact and carry!
- PE No. 0.3 ~ No. 6, leader 3lb ~ 80lb!

■ Compatible line:
PE line No. 0.3 to No.
6, leader 3 lb to 80 lb


size       : When unfolded: Approx. 185 × W67× Height 33 mm, When stored: Approx.                          114×  W. 50× Height 33 mm, Bobbin outer diameter 25 mm
weight:  : Approx. 81.5g
material : Glass fiber reinforced nylon resin, elastomer resin, stainless steel