DECOY Blade Treble Y-F33BT (Made in Japan)

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DECOY Blade Treble Y-F33BT

Decoy standard Y-S33 treble with rolling blade tuned has a wide eye, forged wire and finished in nickel and tin plated and (PAT.) rolling swivel and a blade. Best 'lure setting' is achieved by placing the tail hook with one point facing upwards. Advantage of Decoy Y-S33BT is that the rotation, flushing of the blade will trigger strike from all the fishes. Y-S21BT is an excellent hook to use when targeting Mangrove Jack, Barra, Grouper and all over estuarine species in saltwater. Peacockbass, Snakehead, Jungle Perch in freshwater too. Can be use on Lures, Jigs, Spinnerbai, Soft plastic Etc.....

  • Color: Tin 
  • Wide Eye: Easy for rigging with split ring.
  • Inline Eye: Stay inline with lure eyelet.
  • Micro barb.
  • Rolling Blade.
  • Aqua Block: For saltwater rust resistance
  • Forged: Strength and sharpness.
  • Warning: Decoy Hook is extremely sharp.
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