DECOY Tachi Pike DJ-89 Wire Assist (Material from Japan)

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DECOY Tachi Pike DJ-89 Wire Assist

The Pike DJ-89 Twin Wire Assist is perfect for jigging for fish with sharp teeth such as mackerel, Barracuda, hairtail, wahoo etc. Using AS-03 Pike hook with a wide gape and long point gives the hook excellent penetration and the 49 strand twisted SU304 wire make it fell like regular assist cord. AS-03 Pike hooks have relatively thin wire but the unique shape of the hook makes them incredibly strong. 

  • Color: Tin
  • Long Taper: (Hook point)
  • Aqua Block: For saltwater rust resistance.
  • Cubical Forged: Strength and sharpness.
  • Warning: Decoy Hook is extremely sharp.
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