DECOY Split Ring Medium Class R-3 (Made in Japan)

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Decoy Split Ring Medium Class R-3

Decoy Medium Class split rings are famous for the great strength also for the  ability to retract back to their original shape after a hook has been attached. Made from forged Hypower stainless steel and finished with an anti-corrosion finish to make it into a strong durable split ring for use in saltwater. Hypower Steel has the properties that allow for super strength and gives longer lasting to its spring steel effect after constant use. If you need a serious strong split ring for luring and jigging, Decoy medium Class split ring is the choice.

● Sliver
● Flat processing and Inner Cut
● ANTI CORROSION) that keeps rust away
● Forged
● Flat press on both side

Size Strength  Quantities per pack 
4 50lb 20
5 60lb 20
6 75lb 15
7 90lb 15