DECOY Split Ring EX R-11 (Made in Japan)

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Decoy Split Ring EX R-11

Decoy Split Ring EX (Extra Strong), developed a special stainless steel, hyper strong and elastic. These features provide high tensile strength and durability also the ability to retract back to their original shape after a hook has been attached. These small split rings are incredibly powerful and can handle bigger fish in their class and can be fished in freshwater and saltwater. Decoy Split Ring EX R-11 is 50% in strength compare to Decoy R-1 and R-3 split ring size. Light to Medium luring and jigging with extra power EX is the choice.

● Sliver
● Flat processing and Inner Cut
● ANTI CORROSION) that keeps rust away
● Forged
● Flat press on both side

Size Strength Quantities per pack 
30lb 18
2 45lb 18
3 60lb 18
4 80lb 18
100lb 16
120lb 12