Decoy Saltwater GT Special Treble Hooks (Made in Japan)

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Decoy Saltwater GT Special Treble Hooks 8/0 nd 10/0

One of the best GT hooks design and test by Kozo Okubo. Targeting all kinds of large game fish like GT, Tuna and Yellowtail. GT Special treble come with thick gauge wire for fighting in high drag. Exquisite curve points and long tapers with good holding strength and super sharp for better hook up. Split ring can be easy pass without opening more than necessary with smart eye adoption on the hook eye that will not affect the strength of the hook. Heavy wire adoption to withstand monster size target. This hook is available in a limited quantity.
A must for all GT fisherman if you are after monster class trophy.

  • Color: Tin 
  • Smart Eye: Easy for rigging with split ring.
  • Inline Eye: Stay inline with lure eyelet.
  • Aqua Block: For saltwater rust resistance.
  • Long Tarper: Hook point super sharp.
  • Forged: Strength and sharpness.
  • Warning: Decoy Hook is extremely sharp.
Size Quantities per pack 
8/0 5
10/0 4