DECOY SABIKI Leader OS-60 (Material from Japan)

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Decoy Sabiki Leader OS-60

The SABIKI LEADER OS-60 is a Sabiki rig from Decoy with 3 hooks and each hook  is coated with luminous paint tied with flash fibre that give a glow and holographic effects during jigging. It can be rig with small to medium jigs or Tai rubber or use alone as a sabiki. OS-60 leader system is tied with high-quality 100%  FLUOROCARBON. Easy installation with Decoy W snap on both end of the leader. Total length of the leader with 3 hooks is 1m.

  • S: Main 25lb, Branch: 16lb, W Snap: #3
  • M: Main 30lb, Branch: 25lb, W Snap: #3
  • L: Main 40lb, Branch: 30lb, W Snap: #4
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