DECOY SABIKI Casting Leader OS-61 (Material from Japan)

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Decoy Sabiki Leader OS-61

The SABIKI LEADER OS-61 is a Sabiki casting leader rig from Decoy with 2 hooks and each hook is coated with luminous paint tied with flash fibre that give a glow and holographic effects during jigging from shore casting  or offshore jigging. Total leader is 60cm. It can be rig with small to medium jigs or with sinker as sabiki. OS-61 leader system is tied with high-quality 100%  FLUOROCARBON. Easy installation with Decoy W snap on both end of the leader. Total length of the leader with 2 hooks is 60cm

  • SS: Main 16lb, Branch: 12lb, W Snap: #2

  • M: Main 16lb, Branch: 12lb, W Snap: #2

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