DECOY Pike Type-R JS-3 (Made in Japan)

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DECOY Pike Type-R JS-3 (Eye)

Keeping the ideal assist hook shape of "Pike AS-03", the wire diameter gauge  Pike Type-R is increased for strength and with a wider gape and long point gives the hook excellent penetration. It is made with relatively thin wire but the unique shape of the hook makes in incredibly strong. The Pike JS-3 is an excellent all-round jigging hook and is perfect for light to medium  jigging chasing small to monster size Grouper, GT, Dogtooth, Amberjack and even pelagic......

  • Color: Tin 
  • Wide Eye: Easy for rigging Assist line
  • Long Taper: (Hook Point)
  • Aqua Block: For saltwater rust resistance.
  • Power Forged: Strength and sharpness.
  • Warning: Decoy Hook is extremely sharp.
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