DECOY Octopus KR-31BP Pro Pack (Made in Japan)

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DECOY Octopus KR-31BP Pro Pack Black Nickel

DECOY Octopus are made using selected high carbon steel and hook are constructed from Iron-Carbon-Vanadium-Chrome-Nickel etc.
All DECOY hooks heating and tempering process are auto-controlled to provide the highest quality in our Japan factory. 
DECOY hooks point uses various tapering method on the tip point for penetration and the BEST TAPER DESIGN for each targeted species.

Forged: DECOY HOOKS have strictly controlled forging processes which greatly increases the hook pulling and breaking strength. 

DECOY HOOKS Ringed designs eye provides an easy and secure tight grip.

This Octopus KR are great hooks for bottom fishing and live baiting..

Size Quantities per pack 
3 48
2 48
1 42
1/0 42
2/0 36
3/0 30
4/0 30
5/0 24
6/0 24