DECOY Octopus KR-31B (Made in Japan)

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DECOY Octopus KR-31B 

DECOY HOOKS are made using selected high carbon steel. They are costructed from Iron-Carbon-Vanadium-Chrome-Nickel etc.
All Katsuichi/DECOY hooks heating and tempering process are auto -controlled to provide the highest quality in our Japan factory.

Hook Piont: DECOY hooks use various tapering on it tip for penetration only the BEST TAPER DESIGN for each targeted species.

Hook Eye: DECOY HOOKS use the SIDE LOCK Eye, SPADE Eye, and Ringed designs, Grooved shank below the eye of hook provides an easy and secure tight grip.

Forged: DECOY HOOKS have strictly controlled forging processes which greatly increases the hook pulling and breaking strength.

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