DECOY Mini Assist DJ-95 (Material from Japan)

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DECOY Mini Assist DJ-95

Decoy Mini Twin Assist hooks is the scaled down base on the Pike hook shape. DJ-95 assist hook is set inward parallel with a long and shorter twin rig assist hook great hook up holding power while targeting all ultra light jigging targeting  fish such as Aji, Small Snapper, longfin travelly and small mackerel, excellent match with jigs in the range of around +-10g. DJ-95 assist maybe be ultra light but it performance shows surprising many anglers with good results. Decoy round snap are use on this assist make it easy for everyone to use. 

  • NS: Black Nickel.
  • Decoy Round Snap.
  • Flex Assist Loop
  • Flash Fiber
  • Forged
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