DECOY Makisasu Blade WORM 230G (Material from Japan)

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Decoy Makisasu Blade Worm 230G

Decoy Makisasu Blade Gold Worm 230 rigged with Decoy worm 30 offset hook. This high-quality offset hook comes fully assembled with a slide weight and a spinner blade in the shape of a willow leaf and weight and blade can be moved on the hook shank allow you to position for use in different type of soft bait used achieving free spinning of the spinner blade and the rigged bait will stay upright retrieve providing getting snag on the bottom or log, equipped with a small spiral wire bait holder that can be twisted into the head of the soft bait make so easy to be use even for new anglers....

  • Black Nickel
  • Forged 
  • Inline Hook Eye
  • Gold Rolling Blade
  • Makisasu keeper
  • Slide Weight
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