DECOY KG Hook MAGNUM Worm 26 (Made in Japan)

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 DECOY KG Hook MAGNUM Worm 26 

DECOY MONSTER OFFSET HOOK KG WORM 26 MAGNUM is the world's biggest offset hook, according Angler international fishing magazine. Decoy KG Monster Hook Worm 26 provides a razor-sharp and versatile way to rig your favourite ultra large or other big soft lures. Built with a wide gap and precise bend, Decoy KG Monster Hook Worm 26 delivers great contact on hook sets and is designed to keep fish pinned all the way to the boat, with wide range of applications Decoy KG Monster Hook Worm 26 is a must for all monster bait anglers. 

  • NS: Black Nickel.
  • Forged. 
  • Wide Eye
  • Side Lock press process.
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