DECOY Flash Fiber F-I and F-II

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DECOY Flash Fiber F-I and F-II

Decoy Flash Fiber F-I and F-II are tuning material that can be added to enhance  original rubber jigs, Treble Hook, Soft plastic worms, grub, paddle tail, assist hook etc......F-I  thread type give a glitter flash and F-II flat type give a blinking flash when light is applies on those fibre  A must for all tuning work for hook......

● F-I "Thread type" creates a glossy and glitter look with light. 
● F-II "Flat type" creates a flash effect by reflection with light.
● Tuning work on rubber jig, Treble hook, Soft plastic lure worm, grub puddle tail,      Assist hook etc.......
● Flash Fiber a must to improved all fishing results.

F-1 THREAD TYPE 02 Sliver

03 Zebra

04 Amezari Red

05 Aozari
F-2 FLAT TYPE 21 Shirasu Flash
22 Dazzler Sliver

23 Dazzler Gold
24 Red Flash
25 Sexy Purple