Crazy Ocean Trip Quest 4/5pcs Travel rod Casting model

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Packing size top priority design (40/45/50 cm standard)

Minimizing packing size is important for trip anglers who go fishing by plane or vehicle.
Everyone is happy because even business anglers who gently put the rod in their business bag and enjoy their free time on business trips can go out without noticing the family 

Short rod concept

The Tripquest mobile rod series is a short length unique to lure rods developed for serious play.
It may be different from those who want to aim for big fish seriously.
The short rod concept can improve operability, weight reduction, and sensitivity, and the most important thing is "fun"! 

All titanium frame SiC guide

The Tripquest mobile rod doesn't compromise on parts for seriously playing anglers, it's a well-thought-out conclusion that will keep you in touch with your companion rod for a long time.
The rust-resistant high-tensile titanium frame was selected in consideration of the possibility of minimizing rust even when the rod cannot be washed. 

Adopted Spigot Ferrule

The Tripquest mobile rod uses spigot ferrules except for the joints of # 1 and # 2 to achieve smooth power transmission.
This is a basic method for multi-piece rods.
The spinning model has 5 pieces and the casting model has 4 pieces, but it has a swinging feeling like 1 piece.

Detail design that excites the spirit of travel

"Play seriously" Tripquest Mobile Rod is also seriously playing with the detailed design.
The top of the reel hood that stands out is laser-engraved with a trip compass design that enlivens the hot heart of an angler traveling north, south, east, and west with the image of a ship's compass!

Product number Total length (m) Own weight (g) Number of joints Closed size (cm) Line Max. Line Weight

TQ40 / C454L

1.36 98 Four 38 PE0.6 2 - 9
TQ45 / C524UL 1.57 101 Five 43 PE0.6 2 - 7
TQ50 / C594L 1.76 115 Five 47 PE1.0 3 -12