Daiwa Light Split Ring Pliers 150HB

Daiwa Light Split Ring Pliers 150HB

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Daiwa Pliers V-150HB

Daiwa Plier V-150HB is an all rounded light game bend tip split ring plier. The plier is constructed from stainless steel for saltwater corrosion resistant and comes equipped with a leader cutter, knurled jaws and a split ring opener that is for light game split ring. Ergonomically shaped grip that comes molded with outer side ribs to give a comfortable feel and solid grip in the hands of all angler, handy lug points are moulded into the handle to attach a lanyard for safety purposes. Even stainless construction but to prevent rusting regular wash with warm water after each use is still recommended.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Light Game split ring pliers (Decoy Spilt Ring #3 - #6)
  • Line Cutter
  • Non Slip Moulded Grip
  • 15cm