Borboleta Tuninha (Made in Brazil)

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 Borboleta Tuninha

The smallest version of the Tunao family. The Tuninha is a sub surface lure very effective for coater area and weedy grass bad. This lure can swim from the deep to the surface depending of the retrieve speed by the anglers. Slow retrieve it work like a twitch bait or at hi speed retrieve will have a Z movement on the surface of the water. This lure is very effective on Peacockbass, Snakehead and jungle perch in freshwater and also Barra, Jack, Grouper, small GT, Queedfish etc in saltwater.

Color with G (glow in the dark) great for low light condition.

 Type Action Weight Length Hooks
Stick / Twitch Bait Sub-Surface 20g  Sinking 90mm No.4