Borboleta Arawana (Made in Brazil)

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Borboleta Arawana 

The Arawana is a 170mm twin propeller and build in rattle surface lure designed for anglers who want to catch record size fishes. The slim and scope face profile of this lure make it easy to slow or fast retrieve swimming a side to side action and outfitted with all  heavy duty hardware, spilt ring, stainless propeller and hooks. If you have only one lure to bring to Amazon for fishing the Arawana is the one great top water explosion when those monster Peacock hit. A lure targeting trophy and record fish. Very effective on monster Peacockbass, Snakehead and jungle perch in freshwater and also Barra, GT, Jack, Queenfish saltwater.

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 Type Action Weight Length Hooks
Propeller Top Water 40g Floating 170mm No.4/0