Bombada - Origina Botttom Swimmer Tobikichi

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BOMBADA’S Plusone Kamata designed Tobikichi 13 years ago. Among many big baits, it was a unique one back then with a focus on the bottom and weeds bed at Biwa Lake especially, weeds cannot be ignored. It’s the most critical challenge. Tobikichi is a local bait developed near Biwa Lake. Its wire angle lip has three functions – weed guard, bottom censor and hook guard. This lip sections’ ability to avoiding weeds, the body action with multiple joints, and the floating tail brought so many rankers. The result quickly caught attention of local anglers, and similar slow roll baits were mass-produced one after another. To maintain the quality though, Kamata quietly kept hand-making Tobikichi, which made it hard to obtain. Due to the astounding result, Tobikichi has completely become a secret. Remove the lip and make it into a free swimbait on the surface depending on the striation of our fishing. 

  • BOMBADA Tobikichi Swim Bait

  • Length: 6-1/2 "   Weight: 1.7 oz