Boggy KAHOO 100F Jointed Lure

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Boggy KAHOO 100F Jointed Lure

KAHOO is an Okinawan dialect meaning good luck and good news.

A slow retrieve floating minnow that makes the target irresistible and draw strike. Kahoo can be use in any situations. The joint part is connected slightly behind and arrange  the weight behind the front body end for better casting distance even it a  joint lure.
Kahoo float horizontal  on the water surface with a light and continuously twitch of the rod tip it resemble a dying bait and if retrieving with rod upright it create a wave appeals to the target the maximum dive depth is about 50cm. Tune it with lead sticker below the front body near the hook eye it possible make your Kahoo to become slow floating, suspending or sinking. A great lure for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

TYPE: Floating

Item Length  Weight
KAHOO 100mm



Standard model color : Orange Glow

Tuned with lead sticker on the body Color : Perch (Proto color)