AOF Custom Titanium ABU Handle Polished

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AOF Custom Titanium ABU Handle Polished

Handle arm machined from Titanium with both knob post are aluminium weight at 6g without knob. This handle fits mainly classic Abu Ambassadeur 1500C to 6500C but due to the length it most popular with !500C, 2500C, 1600C, 2600C, 1601C, 2601C, 3500C both IAR and non IAR models. Some other maker like Smith Super Strike Plugger, Isuzu Japan and Daiwa reels are able to install this same Titanium handle. All handle come with both knob pole screws, knob washer and handle locking nut washers. Knobs not included.

Length : End to End 74mm

Weight : 6g (without knob)

Polished:  Mirror finish

Color : Base washer on the knob pole (indicate when ordering)