AOF BOA BOA-250 Floating

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The AOF BOA BOA stickbait action is like a prey trying to escape from bigger predator. This stickbait has been proven to have great success in our region with many great catches both GT, Tuna, Barracuda, Redbass and many more. AOF BOA BOA works well with long/short sweep and the “walk the dog” style technic, these actions will response with more strikes from the predator. It works well in calm water. For using in rough sea, it would require anglers to controls the sweeping timing for better action. All AOF BOA BOA can use with both treble or single hook.

 Length: 250mm Weight: 175g, Decoy YS-23 8/0 or Single Decoy JS-5 10/0.

Handmade from solid wood.

Multi hard clear coat for long lasting usage.

2mm stainless steel through wired.