Accurate Valiant Single Speed Reel BV-600N

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Accurate Valiant BV-600N Narrow Single Speed Reels were designed with Precise, Powerful Performance in mind. These reels are proven worldwide with many great catches. The Valiant series of reels with their unique shape design, focus on more curvature lines that create strength but also reduce weight of the reels. This gives you reels that are comfortable to fish with all day while being able to put out at least 30 lbs of drag with even the smallest size. Built with the best materials including 6061 T6 aircraft Aluminium, 17-4 stainless steel gears shaft, with a new stainless steel ARB Bearing, these reels are made to put out some power. Offshore pelagic game or fishing inshore the Valiant match well with today's lightweight graphite composite rods and braid/PE line gives anglers a lightweight, powerful set of fishing pleasure.

MODEL BV-600N (Sliver with Black spool  is special made for Asia with longer arm and big power knob)
WEIGHT(gram) 510
GEAR RATIO 5.1 / 6:1
BRAID CAP 400yds/65lb

  • Superior Lightweight Design
  • Patented TwinDrag® Feature
  • CVX® Technology
  • Stainless Steel ARB
  • 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Gears and Shaft
  • Larger, Stronger Gear Shaft for increased torque
  • Sleeved Spool for increased Castability
  • 5 Year Free Service Program (Once per year excluding parts and shipping cost)
  • Proudly made in the USA