DECOY Chinu Jighead SV-30W White (Material from Japan)

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DECOY Chinu Jighead SV-30W (White)

The power of (Japanese Bream) Chinu jaw is beyond imagination. "Chinu SV-30W" jighead hook have strength to not be crushed by those Japanese Bream when rig with soft plastic or crab bait it stay upright and when setting in the hook it will perfectly penetrates the hard jaw of (Japanese Bream) Chinu. If you are looking for super strong jighead than this SV-30W is the perfect choice.

  • Color: Black Nickel Hook.
  • White
  • Forged: Strength and sharpness.
  • Warning: Decoy Hook is extremely sharp.
# 2-1.8g 5
# 2-2.5g 5
# 2-3.5g 5