DECOY Open Swivel SN-7 (Material from Japan)

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Decoy open Swivel SN-7

Decoy Open Swivel SN-7 can be use in custom rig like ZeroDan(Freshwater), ZeroDan Rock(Saltwater), Tenya, Carolina rig etc.. SN-7 open swivel system allow you to combine your favourite Decoy hook and sinker according to your need during fishing. To secure the custom rig just crimped closed the open swivel with pliers and sealed with a drop of super glue. Simple and quick rig provides a snagless presentation that can be tossed into any cover or dragging along the bottom to draw fish strike.

● ZD system allow to create you own custom rig.
● Large open eye that allows rigging of hooks and sinkers.
● Diamond-shaped Swivel eye better knot secure.
● Prevents Line twist troubles.
● Due to metal fatigue during when we open and closing the open swivels we   suggest check and replace the swivel when repeat usage.
● Direct loading over 5kg have a risk of deforming the swivel.
● NS Black Nickel

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