YGK - Zylon X PBO Fibre Solid Assist Line

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YGK - ZylonX PBO Fibre Solid Assist

YGK ZYLON X super-fibre assist cord synthetic polymer that is characterised for its high tensile strength has twice the abrasion resistance as the common kevlar assist cord and is regarded as the ultimate cut resistant synthetic material in the world. The cord itself is very rigid allowing jigging hooks to sit perfectly to the jig for great hook up rates. It also has great knot tying abilities also this solid core Zylon can be use as leader for stickbait GT game. A must have when targeting big pelagic species Amberjack, Samson fish, dog tooth Tuna, GT etc.

Size Strength (Average in lbs) Length (m)
12 120 5
15 150 5
20 170 5
25 190 5
30 220 5
40 260 5
50 400 5
70 570 5