Jackall Gantarel Swimbait.

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Jackall Gantarel Swimbait Floating.

Jackall Gantarel is a big bluegill bait that's meant to stimulate the instincts of bass, Cod, Barra etc. Where there is bluegill, there will always be strikes. Give it a steady retrieve and it will swim slow and natural, or twitch the rod while retrieving to have the Gantarel turn 180 degrees triggering a strike. The fish will be surprised as the Gantarel tries to intimidate it, and will strike it! With it's distinct features, sure to get intense bites.

Slow floating - Better control to avoid being snagged
Jointed body - Allows this lure to swim in an S-Shaped motion
Bearing swivel line tie - Eliminates line twist during casting and retrieving
Tail tip eye - Tune the Gantarel with a stinger hook
Swivel bottom hooks - Keeping the hooked fish on and not allowing it use momentum to spit out the lure
Feathered hook - Disguises the hook as well as keep it floating up
Pectoral fins - Enhances stability of the lure
Additional bottom line tie - Allows you to fine tune the lure, by adding a drop shot weight, you can tune the Gantarel by making it suspend or sink

Name  Length Weight Type Hook Size
Gantarel 160mm 70g Floating ST36BC #1