ABU Gear Side Plate Locking Screws #8913

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ABU Gear side plate locking screws #8913

Two pieces of  #8913 SS screws used for Ambassadeur 2500C, 1500C, 2501C and some more small reels.

#8913 SS was engineered by Simon Shimomura and produced in USA.

#8913 screws are no longer reproduced by ABU for years.

I want you to read the followings before purchasing this #8913SS screws.

* 2500C and similar models often shows a gap between the inner plate of the frame, and the brake plate like in the first picture. That "can be caused by hung up of the #8913 screw made by ABU. When the head of the is sticking out of the brake late like in the last picture, the gap cannot be closed.  Head of #8913 SS will not stick out (as long as the holes of the brake plate are created properly.) 

** Time to time, finding a female side of the screw is not that easy as the screw is too short against the female side on the side plate. #8913 SS has a pointy head as well as it is made a bit longer. This makes it so much easier to find to tighten.   

*** #8913 SS is made from stainless steel and rust resistant.