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Local bottom with AOF Centre Console......

Local bottom with AOF...   April 19, 2013

AOF 20ft Centre Console ready for action……….
Season is starting soon and also the weather is getting better and better it time to get boat out for a spin….
Ming and Benji make the first trip to check out some of the spot and was rewarded with some nice fishes….

Ming with a RED snapper……
Rod: Smith WGJ-56SLH

Ming with another nice grouper….
Rod: Smith WGJ-56SLH

Benji with his prize grouper….
Rod: Wei World Grouper Sama 63MH

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Ming is hot….gold snapper….
Rod: Smith WGJ-56SLH

Ming with another smaller gold snapper…
Rod: Smith WGJ-56SLH

Benji with another nice golden snapper…
Rod: Wei World Grouper Sama 63HM

photo copy 2
Benji next with a nice over 20lb grouper…..
Rod: Wei World Grouper Sama 63HM

photo copy 3
Great catches for a day out fishing our local water………

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